Belts and Hoses Are Critical Automotive Components

When you turn on the air conditioning and heating systems in your car, you probably take for granted the sophisticated processes that occur under the hood. Belts and hoses work together to keep the cooling system running at optimum levels. The reservoir tank that stores coolant fluid is connected to multiple hoses that facilitate the absorption and release of heat in the powertrain. Expansion tanks and valves allow the fluid in the hoses to undergo important thermodynamic cycles that precisely regulate the temperatures in the engine block.

Belts also control some of the hardware in a vehicle's cooling system. For example, a serpentine belt drives the water pump and fan in the radiator. This type of universal belt also manages the crankshaft and alternator, which are some of the most significant propulsion systems in a car. At Paillé Berthierville, we offer repairs of belts and hoses for vehicles in Berthierville.



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