Why choose a diesel ?

Model, colour, accessories, transmission, engine type – there are so many things to consider when shopping for a new vehicle. These not-so-easy choices have to be based on hard data. Information comes at you from all angles and it's often difficult to get your bearings. Luckily, Paillé has your back: we’ve thought of a multitude of reasons why you should opt for a diesel engine.


The primary advantage of a diesel engine versus its gas-powered counterpart is fuel consumption. Diesel vehicles consume up to 20% less than conventional vehicles, making diesels perfect for those who travel long distances. These vehicles break even at 20,000 km per year and the more you drive, the more advantageous it becomes. Diesel engines don’t get as hot as gasoline engines either, helping them last longer. Depending on how you drive it, a diesel vehicle can reach up to 300,000 km. This engine feature translates to a very good resale value. In short, it's the perfect vehicle for those who drive a lot and like to change vehicles regularly.


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